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Due Loan Management

our services help financial institutions businesses,
by protecting consumers interests.

Our every day business

Over the years, we have implemented transparent, secure, flexible and digitally accessible services for our partners.

Contact Center

Get excellent results with ServiCrédito Contact Center specialized in Credit Collection.

Vehicle Repossession

Recovering and repossession of financed vehicles with instant results visible on our App.

Field Collections

Use the power of ServiCrédito team to rapidly deploy field Collectors throughout Portugal and Spain.

Vehicle Stock Audits

Periodic inspections of vehicle stocks in car dealerships which received financing from financial institutions.

Omnichannel Collections

Human to Human collections augmented with robotic process automation.

Legal Facilitation

Legal Facilitation Services aims to assist judicial debt collection, improving speed and efficiency.

Why choose ServiCrédito ?

Get excellent results with ServiCrédito specialized Credit Collection.

Internal Collections


External Collections

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Our goal:

"Transforming each overdue credit debt in a good one, a debt that gets paid"

Your specialized Loan Management Partner

25 years experience of partnerships with major financial institutions in Iberia.
ServiCrédito delivers uniquely flexible and scalable solutions.

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